The big news - THE \'CHEESE CAFE\' IS OPEN !!
Shopping should not be about tearing up your day in a blinding rush.
Why not stroll in and have a cuppa, do your shopping, have a bottle of
wine (BYOB for the moment) with a salad and a roll or a cheese
platter. Pop in for coffee and a croissant or a rusk or a muffin.
Just relax!

We will not simply be another cafe.  This is a natural and logical
extension of the shop providing a showcase of the products sold.  A
menu incorporating natural ingredients celebrates the values and
craftsmanship inherent in country life - just around the corner.  We
hope that you will be as excited by the concept as we are, and that
the support you have given the shop will extend to the cafe.

We are not open at night and this allows us to offer the venue for
wine tastings, wine clubs and corporate or group functions. Talk to us
about your ideas.