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Healey 's Gold Cheddar gently maturing © Ryan Dick 2008




  Beer and Bangers evening

with Steve Gilroy and Peter James Smith



Beer and cheese?  Why the hell not!  Can a cheese stand up to the maltiness of a beer?  Will it overpower a lighter Lager?  Lets find out!


Traditionally, beer and cheese are farmhouse products. In fact, not so long ago the average farmer 's diet consisted of beer, cheese and cold meat; commonly referred to in England as a "ploughman 's" lunch.  Farmers often made cheese when they had an abundance of milk that they wanted to keep and brewed during the winter when they couldn 't farm.  And both beer and cheese have a similar origin, grass. Barley is a cereal grass used in making beer and milk is a by-product of a cow eating grass. As a result, beer and cheese complement each other by sharing some common characteristics in both aroma and flavor, while the carbonation in beer also lifts the palate and brings out many nuances in the cheese.


This evening promises to be a raucous affair.  For those of you who have not met Steve Gilroy of  Gilroy Micro Brewery - treat yourself.  Steve is a raconteur of note who will regail you with his stories and wit ad inifitum.  Steve oozes passion (and beer) from every pore of his body! 


We have for a long time wanted to do a cheese and beer tasting evening and at last we have pulled it together.  We decided that the logical addition to the evening was a dinner of 'bangers and mash ' and will therefore be serving a selection of  Peter James Smith 's sausages. 


Peter and his wife, Jean will be joining us for the evening and will talk to us about the history of sausages and about the various recipes he now makes. For those of you who don 't know Peter, he has been involved with food for many years and now presents the Food and Booze program on SAFM. He is also, amongst other things, involved in restaurant reviews for eat-out magazine.  Sausage making is currently his   'spare time ' occupation.



So to the details:


A three course dinner consisting of:


*  French Onion Soup

*  Bangers and smoked butter mash with vegetables

    served with a selection of our own home made mustards

*  Grenadilla cheesecake with coffeeor tea 


Between starter and main course we will be tasting:

Gilroy Lager, Favourite, Traditional and Serious beers and matching these with a selection of strong and mild cheeses


Date:               Wednesday 6th August

Time:              18h30 for 19h00

Venue:           Cheese Gourmet 71 7th St Linden

Cost:              R 165.00

Bookings      011-888-5384   Booking essential and seats limited


Banking details:              Account Name:  Seeds& Roots cc T/A Foods for Thought

                                           Standard Bank Fourways Crossing     Branch code 009953

                                          Account 023354658




Saturday 9th August - tasting & cheese making demo

August 9th is a public holiday but WE WILL BE OPEN.  In fact we are making it a really special day at the shop!

It has finally happened!!   Peter James Smith brought a taster into the shop today of the elusive Pork Pie - and we believe its going to be a winner!  Peter and Jean will be at the shop on this day to give tasters of the pork pie.  Why is it so different?   Well the pork is cubed and not minced.  The flavour is not overpowering as many pies are, but meaty with really nice seasoning, and lastly there is not too much pastry versus meat.  A slice of  Pork Pie, a bit of pickle and a salad makes the easiest lunch. 

We have a very exciting event on this day.  Barbie and Hans are running a cheese making course near Pecanwood.  Our son has recently attended their three day course and really enjoyed it.  Barbie will be at the shop making Haloumi and talking to people about cheese making, their course as well as cheeses in general.  This will be great fun and really informative.  In addition we will fry the Haloumi for lunches in the cafe once its been made. 

We will be promoting a number of unusual jams and marmalades made by Daleen White and Jean Haskell of  Schoemanskloof (near Nelspruit).  Olde English Marmalade and Grenadilla and Melon Jam are just two of the tasters we will have out to whet your appetite!

We will have a wine farm presenting their product.  We have a number of estates who want to promote their wines but we have as yet not confirmed which one will be there - I will let you know.



New in the shop



We have picked up a couple of new products from the Sunday Times/BBC Food show. 

Smoked butter - sounds weird but believe me once you have had this on a baked potato, there is no going back.  Smear it on a biscuit whith a good chunk of cheddar -yum!


'Fresh Ideas ' oil based salt rubs.  We have tried these products on fish, vegetables, mashed potato and a steak and found them flavoursome and innovative.  Use instead of salt and oil -  to add flavour to any dish.  Available in Sundried Tomato & Black Pepper, Coriander Cumin & Orange, Lemongrass & Ginger and Chillies & Lemon.


We have a new cheese made in the Karoo which came in yesterday, currently only in pepper flavour. We will be getting their plain in shortly.  It is unpasurtised which gives the cheese a complex flavour it has a slightly crumbly texture - a bit like a Caerphilly. It is really interesting how the taste of the landscape can influence a cheese - taste it and see if you can detect Karoo. 



Cafe Breakfast Special until end July - R38.00


Scrambled eggs, home sausage and herbed tomato with toast, butter and  preserves

served with a cappuccino/americano coffee/tea




Looking forward to seeing you in the shop soon.


Brian, Jo, Lin and the Cheese Gourmet team.