An entertaining tour of people and places producing a rich abundance of some of the world’s finest cheeses – all made in South Africa. What are they? Where do you find them? And what goes with them from excellent wines to olives – all fruits of South African soil. Cheese has also become an integral part of our cooking highlighted in recipes from the producers as well as leading chefs.


All of this encapsulated in about 200 pages of attractively presented photographs and editorial as a definitive guide to SA cheeses and producers for culinary lovers, South Africans being introduced to cheeses and tourists.


In essence the book is about you, the cheese producer. We would like to feature you in this publication and attached you will find a mock-up of how the book will look and how we intend to approach the editorial and lay it out.


It will also be compiled in such a way as to be a ‘travel guide’ for South Africans and visitors to our shores encouraging them to make cheese as part of their trip as many do with wine. In this way we hope that the publication will contribute to the growth and enhancement of our cheeses and their producers.


Also for your interest below is a ‘working list’ of contents and a questionnaire that will help start the process as far as you are concerned. It is our intention to visit as many of the farms as possible to do photographs and interviews. To this end, we will be in touch with you once we have received the questionnaire. Please do this as soon as possible as we intend to complete interviews by April and have the copy completed by the end of that month.


The contents of the publication will include: