Cheese Cafe


Our menu is an embodiment of the spirit of Cheese Gourmet. At the cafe you are able to sit in a relaxed atmosphere drinking a cup of some of Jozies best coffee and enjoying a plaughmans platter. If something lighter is needed then why not try out a imported French croissant. We also serve quiches and daily baked muffins.




Homemade Gourmet Muffins, Ask For Our Daily Selection

Cinnamon Twists, Chewy Pastry Brushed With Sugar And Cinnamon

Fresh Chunky Summer Fruit Salad Sprinkled With Muesli And Topped
With Triple Thick Low Fat Yogurt And Complemented With A
Helping Of Gingered Cranberries In Orange Juice
Alternatively Topped with Pure Organic Honey.

Croissants - Imported From France And Baked Fresh For You
Served With A Choice Of Premium South African Mild Farm Cheese
Accompanied By Spicy Chili Jam And A Slice Of Fresh Seasonal Fruit .

Add A Traditional Home Made Rusk To your Coffee



Gentle Lunch

Open Panino Roll With A Choice Of Fillings -
Rich & Creamy Gorgonzola With Bread & Butter Pickle
Mild Traditional Dutch Style Gouda With Mustard Pickle
French Style Brie With Preserved Green Fig
All Served With A Crisp Side Salad

Quiche Packed With Either Roasted Veggies & Feta Or Meat
Served With A Crisp Side Salad

Platter Of Four Of South Africa\'s Mild And Matured Finest Cheeses
Served With Delightfully Light Bread
Crispy Pickled Onions and Two Homemade Pickles
Platter For One
Platter For Two
Add An Assortment Of Fine Cold Meats(Per A Person)

A Simple Green Salad With Tomato, Farm Made Feta and Steeped Olives

Green Salad With Avocado And Unique Micro-Greens
Served With Tangy Lubneh And Sharp Parmesan Shavings

Fried Goats, Sheep\'s Or Cows Milk Haloumi
Laid Upon A Green Salad And Bathed In Ponzu

Grilled Boutique Cheese On Toasted Panino
Half Portion
Full Portion

Brochette Drizzled With Award Winning South African Olive Oil
And Dusted With A Eclectic Array Of Herbs

Grilled French Style Camembert Laid Upon A Toasted Panino
Served With Ginger And Lemon Shitake Mushroom Chutney
Accompanied By Summer Salad